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Similar gene structure of two Sox9a genes and their expression patterns during gonadal differentiation in a teleost fish, rice field eel (Monopterus albus)

RJ Zhou, L Liu, LQ Guo, HS Yu, H Cheng, X Huang, TR Tiersch, P Berta



The Sox9 gene encodes a transcription factor that is critical for testis determination and chondrogenesis in vertebrates. Mutations in human SOX9 cause campomelic dysplasia, a dominant skeletal dysmorphology syndrome often associated with male to female sex reversal. Here we show that the Sox9a gene was duplicated during evolution of the rice field eel, Monopterus albus, a freshwater fish which undergoes natural sex reversal from female to male during its life, and has a haploid genome size (0.6-0.8 pg) that is among the smallest of the vertebrates. The duplicated copies of the gene (named Sox9al and Sox9a2) fit within the Sox9 clade of vertebrates, especially in the Sox9a subfamily, not in ..

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