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Dopamine dysregulation syndrome: Implications for a dopamine hypothesis of bipolar disorder

M Berk, S Dodd, M Kauer-Sant'Anna, GS Malhi, M Bourin, F Kapczinski, T Norman

Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica | Published : 2007


Objective: Rational therapeutic development in bipolar is hampered by a lack of pathophysiological model. However, there is a wealth of converging data on the role of dopamine in bipolar disorder. This paper therefore examines the possibility of a dopamine hypothesis for bipolar disorder. Method: A literature search was conducted using standard search engines Embase, PyschLIT, PubMed and MEDLINE. In addition, papers and book chapters known to the authors were retrieved and examined for further relevant articles. Results: Collectively, in excess of 100 articles were reviewed from which approximately 75% were relevant to the focus of this paper. Conclusion: Pharmacological models suggest a rol..

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