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Chemical modification of wheat protein-based natural polymers: Grafting and cross-linking reactions with poly(ethylene oxide) diglycidyl ether and ethyl diamine

Lusiana Kurniawan, Greg G Qiao, Xiaoqing Zhang



Mobile poly(ethylene oxide) diglycidyl ether (PEODGE) segments were chemically grafted onto a soluble wheat protein (WP), and different network structures were formed via coupling reactions with ethyl diamine (EDA) in different PEODGE/EDA (PE) ratios. When the PE ratio was 1:1, linear PEs were the predominant segments grafted onto WP chains and the whole WP-PEODGE-EDA (WPE) system was still soluble with an increased molecular weight. Reducing the amount of EDA in the systems produced insoluble cross-linked WPE networks. The broad distribution of network structures and chain mobility resulted in a broad glass transition for the WPE materials. However, the glass transition started at lower tem..

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