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Surface chemistry and rheology of polysulfobetaine-coated silica

Pierre Starck, Wade KJ Mosse, Nathan J Nicholas, Marisa Spiniello, Johanna Tyrrell, Andrew Nelson, Greg G Qiao, William A Ducker



We have measured the viscosity of suspensions of colloidal silica particles (d = 300 nm) and the properties of silica surfaces in solutions of a polymer consisting of zwitterionic monomer groups, poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate), polySBMA. This polymer has potential use in modifying surface properties because the polymer is net uncharged and therefore does not generate double-layer forces. The solubility of the polymer can be controlled and varies from poor to good by the addition of sodium chloride salt. Ellipsometry was used to demonstrate that polySBMA adsorbs to silica and exhibits an increase in surface excess at lower salt concentration, which is consistent with a smaller area per molec..

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