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Acclimation of the intertidal red alga Bangiopsis subsimplex (Stylonematophyceae) to salinity changes

A Eggert, U Nitschke, JA West, D Michalik, U Karsten

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology | Published : 2007


The effect of salinity on growth, photosynthetic performance and osmotic acclimation was investigated in the eulittoral red algal species Bangiopsis subsimplex (Stylonematophyceae). The strain grew in a broad salinity range between 1 and 70 psu showing optimum growth between 10 and 50 psu. The saturation point Ik of the photosynthesis irradiance curves ranged between 153 and 83 μmol photons m- 2 s- 1 at all salinities and indicates an adaptation of B. subsimplex to moderate radiation conditions. Adjustments on the photosynthetic level (non-photochemical quenching) were sufficient to prevent damage to the photosynthetic apparatus as Fv/Fm values were constantly high (> 0.7) even when grown at..

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