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Ecophysiological performance of the primitive red alga Dixoniella grisea (Rhodellophyceae) to irradiance, temperature and salinity stress: growth responses and the osmotic role of mannitol

Anja Eggert, Stefan Raimund, Dirk Michalik, John West, Ulf Karsten



A culture strain of the benthic unicellular red alga Dixoniella grisea was investigated under different stress conditions. The effects of salinity, temperature and irradiance on growth rates were examined in two-factorial experiments and the accumulation of mannitol in response to increasing salinity investigated. The strain grows in a broad salinity range, from brackish water to twice seawater (60 psu). At optimal salinity (10 psu) and optimal temperature conditions (25-30°C), D. grisea grew best at moderate photon flux densities (PFDs; 50-100 μmol photons m-2 s-1)• However, interactive effects between all factors were present. At suboptimal salinities and temperatures, maximal growth rates..

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