Conference Proceedings

On the realisation of 2-D linear systems with implicit latent variable models

R Yang, L Ntogramatzidis, M Cantoni

Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control | Published : 2007


In this paper a new latent variable model is proposed for the realisation of 2-D linear causal systems. For the general (n,m)-th order 2-D system, the latent variable model obtained here is implicit when n ≠ m. Importantly however, even in this case the model is recursively computable. The advantage of this realisation is that its order is nm, which is much smaller than the orders of the existing latent variable realisations such as Fornasini-Marchesini (FM) models and Roesser model. In addition, given a particular 2-D system, an algorithm is developed for further reducing the size of the realisation. © 2007 IEEE.