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Antivenom use, premedication and early adverse reactions in the management of snake bites in rural Papua New Guinea

David J Williams, Simon D Jensen, Bill Nimorakiotakis, Reinhold Muller, Kenneth D Winkel



OBJECTIVE: To examine antivenom use, premedication, early adverse reactions and patient outcomes after snake bite in rural Papua New Guinea. DESIGN: Retrospective chart analysis of all admissions for snake bite with documented antivenom use at 11 rural health facilities from January 1994 to June 2004. No formal protocol was followed and there was no attempt at randomisation or blinding of prophylaxis. RESULTS: Antivenom use was documented in 136/1881 (7.2%) snake bite admissions and most (121/136: 88.9%) received a single vial. CSL Polyvalent antivenom was administered to 112/136 (82.4%). One hundred and eleven patients (81.6%) happened to have been given premedication with adrenaline and/or..

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