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The heterodimeric assembly of the CD94-NKG2 receptor family and implications for human leukocyte antigen-E recognition

Lucy C Sullivan, Craig S Clements, Travis Beddoe, Darryl Johnson, Hilary L Hoare, Jie Lin, Trevor Huyton, Emma J Hopkins, Hugh H Reid, Mafthew CJ Wilce, Juraj Kabat, Francisco Borrego, John E Coligan, Jamie Rossjohn, Andrew G Brooks

IMMUNITY | CELL PRESS | Published : 2007


The CD94-NKG2 receptor family that regulates NK and T cells is unique among the lectin-like receptors encoded within the natural killer cell complex. The function of the CD94-NKG2 receptors is dictated by the pairing of the invariant CD94 polypeptide with specific NKG2 isoforms to form a family of functionally distinct heterodimeric receptors. However, the structural basis for this selective pairing and how they interact with their ligand, HLA-E, is unknown. We describe the 2.5 A resolution crystal structure of CD94-NKG2A in which the mode of dimerization contrasts with that of other homodimeric NK receptors. Despite structural homology between the CD94 and NKG2A subunits, the dimer interfac..

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