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Continental growth and recycling by accretion of deformed turbidite fans and remnant ocean basins: Examples from Neoproterozoic and Phanerozoic orogens

David R Gray, David A Foster, Roland Maas, Catherine V Spaggiari, Robert T Gregory, Ben Goscombe, KH Charlie Hoffmann, RD Hatcher, MP Carlson, JH McBride, JRM Catalan

Geological Society of America - Special Papers | GEOLOGICAL SOC AMER INC | Published : 2007

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Professorial Fellowship

Awarded by ARC

Awarded by National Science Foundation (NSF)

Funding Acknowledgements

This review and write-up was undertaken as part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) Australian Professorial Fellowship (DP0210178 awarded to Gray). Research on the Tasmanides of eastern Australia has been undertaken over a period of 20 years, supported by ARC grants E8315666, E8315675, A38615754, A38715383, A38930784 (awarded to Gray), and A38615754 (Durney, Gray, Gregory); additional funding is from the Australian Geodynamic Cooperative Research Centre (to both Gray and Foster) and National Science Foundation (NSF) grant EAR-0073638 (to Foster). Research on New Zealand has been supported by ARC grants A39927139 and A39030706 (awarded to Gray) and a Monash University Small Grant (awarded to Gray). Research on Namibia has been funded by ARC Large Grant A00103456 (awarded to Gray) and NSF grant EAR-0440188 (awarded to Foster). We acknowledge discussions with (1) Chris Fergusson, Vince Morand, Nick Woodward, Clive Willman, John Miller, Chris Wilson, Thomas Flottmann, and Ron Berry on Tasmanides geology; (2) Simon Cox, Richard Norris, Dave Craw, Nick Mortimer, Moses Turnbull, and Alan Cooper on New Zealand geology; and (3) Cees Passchier, Rudolph Trouw, and Thomas Becker on Namibian geology.