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A spatially referenced water and nitrogen management model (WNMM) for (irrigated) intensive cropping systems in the North China Plain

Yong Li, Robert White, Deli Chen, Jiabao Zhang, Baoguo Li, Yuming Zhang, Yuanfang Huang, Robert Edis



A spatially referenced biophysical model, the water and nitrogen management model (WNMM), was developed and shown to simulate dynamic soil water movement and soil-crop carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling under a given agricultural management, for the purpose of identifying optimal strategies for managing water and fertiliser N under intensive cropping systems (mainly wheat-maize) in the North China Plain and other regions in the world. A uniform data structure, ARC GRID ASCII format, was used both in GIS and WNMM for achieving a close Model-GIS coupling. A significant part of WNMM adopts and modifies concepts and components from widely used models, with a focus on soil N transformations. WNM..

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