Journal article

Ontogenetic and temporal trajectories of chemical defence in a cyanogenic eucalypt

Jason QD Goodger, Thereis YS Choo, Ian E Woodrow

OECOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2007


Many studies have shown that similarly aged plants within a species or population can vary markedly in the concentration of defence compounds they deploy to protect themselves from herbivores. Some studies have also shown that the concentration of these compounds can change with development, but no empirical research has mapped such an ontogenetic trajectory in detail. To do this, we grew cyanogenic Eucalyptus yarraensis seedlings from three half-sibling families under constant glasshouse conditions, and followed their foliar cyanogenic glycoside (prunasin) concentration over time for 338 days after sowing (DAS). Plants in all families followed a similar temporal pattern. Plants increased in..

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