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T cell Epitopes of the La/SSB autoantigen in humanized transgenic mice expressing the HLA class II haplotype DRB1*0301/DQBI*0201

Nadine L Dudek, Shannon Maier, Zhen-Jun Chen, Philip A Mudd, Stuart I Mannering, David C Jackson, Weiguang Zeng, Catherine L Keech, Kassie Hamlin, Zi-Jian Pan, Karen Davis-Schwarz, Jennifer Workman-Azbill, Michael Bachmann, James McCluskey, A Darise Farris



OBJECTIVE: T cells are implicated in the production of anti-La/SSB and anti-Ro/SSA autoantibodies commonly associated with the DR3/DQ2 haplotype in systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjögren's syndrome. This study was undertaken to investigate the DR3/DQ2-restricted T cell response to wild-type human La (hLa) and a truncated form of mutant La. METHODS: Humanized transgenic mice expressing HLA-DRB1*0301/DQB1*0201 (DR3/DQ2) were immunized with recombinant antigen and examined for development of autoantibodies and T cell proliferation against overlapping peptides spanning the La autoantigen. HLA restriction and peptide binding of identified T cell epitopes to DR3 or DQ2 were determined using bloc..

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