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CT coronary angiography predicts the outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention of chronic total occlusion.

Kean H Soon, Nicholas Cox, Aaron Wong, Ivan Chaitowitz, Lachlan Macgregor, Peter T Santos, Joseph B Selvanayagam, HM Omar Farouque, Salvatore Rametta, Kevin W Bell, Yean L Lim

J Interv Cardiol | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: The success rate of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of chronic total occlusions (CTO) is relatively low. Further evaluation of CTO lesion with CT coronary angiography (CT-CA) may help to better select patients that would benefit from percutaneous revascularization. We aimed to test the possible association between failed PCI and transluminal calcification of CTO as assessed by CT-CA. METHODS: Patients with CTO awaiting PCI were scanned with a 16-slice CT. A cardiologist and a radiologist assessed transluminal calcification of CTO lesions on CT images while an interventional cardiologist at a core laboratory assessed conventional variables of invasive fluoroscopic coronar..

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