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Fulminant endogenous Klebsiella pneumoniae endophthalmitis: imaging findings.

Melanie Seale, Wai-Kit Lee, John Daffy, Yvonne Tan, Nicholas Trost

Emerg Radiol | Published : 2007


Endogenous endophthalmitis is a rare but serious complication of Klebsiella pneumoniae infection that has been predominantly reported to occur in diabetic patients of East Asian origin with K. pneumoniae liver abscesses. The clinical symptoms and signs of endogenous endophthalmitis are nonspecific and may mimic other causes of an acute non-traumatic eye. Permanent visual loss and blindness are common sequelae because of delayed diagnosis and treatment. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging can help to differentiate endophthalmitis from other causes of acute non-traumatic eye when the clinical findings are equivocal. Fluid attenuated inversion recovery and diffusion-weighted imag..

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