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Addressing the challenge of legitimate international comparisons of classroom practice

D Clarke, C Mesiti, C O'Keefe, LH Xu, E Jablonka, IAC Mok, Y Shimizu

International Journal of Educational Research | Published : 2007


In this article, we address the choice of suitable instructional units that might serve as the basis for cross-cultural analyses of classroom practice. Our argument draws on analyses undertaken as part of the Learner's Perspective Study (LPS). The database comprised a three-camera video record of sequences of 10 consecutive lessons in each classroom, supplemented by post-lesson video-stimulated interviews with teachers and students: a total of over 180 videotaped lessons, over 50 teacher interviews and almost 400 student interviews. The results of these analyses challenge the suitability of the lesson as the unit of comparative analysis. In particular, the location of the lesson in the topic..

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