Journal article

In vivo tracking of macrophage activated killer cells to sites of metastatic ovarian carcinoma

D Ritchie, L Mileshkin, D Wall, J Bartholeyns, M Thompson, J Coverdale, E Lau, J Wong, P Eu, RJ Hicks, HM Prince



Radio-labelling of blood cells is an established technique for evaluating in vivo migration of normal cells to sites of pathology such as infection and haemorrhage. A limitation of cellular immunotherapies to induce anti-tumour responses is in part due to the uncertain ability of cellular effectors to reach their intended target. We extended the approach of cell radiolabelling to accurately examine the in vivo distribution of cellular immunotherapy with ex-vivo macrophage activated killer (MAK) cells. We describe the use of two methods of cell labelling for tracking the destination of autologous-derived macrophage activated killer (MAK) cells linked to the bi-specific antibody MDX-H210 deliv..

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