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Oral cyclosporin plus topical corticosteroid therapy diminishes bone mass in children with eczema

Clarissa C Pedreira, Emma King, Graeme Jones, Elizabeth Moore, Margaret Zacharin, George Varigos, Fergus J Cameron



Topical corticosteroids remain the most common treatment for eczema; however, it is uncertain whether long-term use of these agents has any adverse effect on bone mass. Cyclosporin is very useful in patients with severe atopic dermatitis who have failed conventional therapy. It has been shown to induce bone loss. We compared 43 children with severe eczema who were using topical corticosteroids with 73 healthy children. Of the 43 patients, six were also taking cyclosporin. Bone mineral density was measured in the lumbar spine and in the femoral neck using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. In multivariate analysis, subjects with eczema had lower lumbar spine bone mineral density (-0.03 g/cm(2)..

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