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Evaluation of promoters for driving efficient transgene expression in neonatal porcine islets

Sarah L Londrigan, Jamie L Brady, Robyn M Sutherland, Wayne J Hawthorne, Helen E Thomas, Guarang Jhala, Peter J Cowan, Thomas WH Kay, Philip J O'Connell, Andrew M Lew



There is considerable interest in the viral modification of insulin-producing islets, including porcine islets, in the context of islet xenotransplantation to treat type 1 diabetes. Adenovirus (Adv) gene delivery offers the potential to modify pre-transplant islets for enhanced survival. Modifications include transfer of cytoprotective molecules to ensure islet survival immediately post-transplant, and molecules to dampen the immune system and prevent chronic islet graft rejection. In this study, we compared different promoters (three promiscuous and two tissue-specific promoters) for their efficiency in driving gene expression in neonatal pig islet tissue after Adv delivery. We also compare..

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