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The middle layer of lumbar fascia and attachments to lumbar transverse processes: implications for segmental control and fracture

Priscilla J Barker, Donna M Urquhart, Ian H Story, Marius Fahrer, Christopher A Briggs



The anatomy of the middle layer of lumbar fascia (MLF) is of biomechanical interest and potential clinical relevance, yet it has been inconsistently described. Avulsion fractures of the lumbar transverse processes (LxTP's) are traditionally attributed to traction from psoas major or quadratus lumborum (QL), rather than transversus abdominis (TrA) acting via the MLF. This attachment is also absent from many biomechanical models of segmental control. The aims of this study were to document: (1) the morphology and attachments of the MLF and (2) the attachments of psoas and QL to the LxTP's. Eighteen embalmed cadavers were dissected, measuring the thickness, fibre angle and width of the MLF and ..

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