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Production of homozygous alpha-1,3-galactosyltransferase knockout pigs by breeding and somatic cell nuclear transfer

Mark B Nottle, Luke FS Beebe, Sharon J Harrison, Stephen M Mcllfattric, Rodney J Ashman, Phillip J O'Connell, Evelyn J Salvaris, Nella Fisicaro, Sandra Pommey, Peter J Cowan, Anthony JF d'Apice



We report here our experience regarding the production of double or homozygous Gal knockout (Gal KO) pigs by breeding and somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). Large White x Landrace female heterozygous Gal KO founders produced using SCNT were mated with Hampshire or Duroc males to produce a F1 generation. F1 heterozygous pigs were then bred to half-sibs to produce a F2 generation which contained Gal KO pigs. To determine the viability of mating Gal KO pigs with each other, one female F2 Gal KO pig was bred to a half-sib and subsequently a full-sib Gal KO. F1 and F2 heterozygous females were also mated to F2 Gal KO males. All three types of matings produced Gal KO pigs. To produce Gal KO pig..

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