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Who are the new amphetamine users? A 10-year prospective study of young Australians

Louisa Degenhardt, Carolyn Coffey, John B Carlin, Paul Moran, George C Patton



AIMS: Despite good evidence of increased availability and use of amphetamines world-wide, relatively little is known about the epidemiology of young adult amphetamine use; relationships with social functioning, other drug use and mental health at this age; nor of the adolescent predictors of such use. We examined these issues using a representative cohort of young people followed-up in Victoria, Australia. METHODS: A stratified, random sample of 1943 adolescents was recruited from secondary schools across Victoria at age 14-15 years. This cohort was interviewed on eight occasions until the age of 24-25 years (78% follow-up at that age). Cross-sectional and predictive associations were assess..

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