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Ambient UV, personal sun exposure and risk of multiple primary melanomas

Anne Kricker, Bruce K Armstrong, Chris Goumas, Melisa Litchfield, Colin B Begg, Amanda J Hummer, Loraine D Marrett, Beth Theis, Robert C Millikan, Nancy Thomas, Hoda Anton Culver, Richard P Gallagher, Terence Dwyer, Timothy R Rebbeck, Peter A Kanetsky, Klaus Busam, Lynn From, Urvi Mujumdar, Roberto Zanetti, Marianne Berwick



OBJECTIVE: Sun exposure is the main cause of melanoma in populations of European origin. No previous study has examined the effect of sun exposure on risk of multiple primary melanomas compared with people who have one melanoma. METHODS: We identified and enrolled 2,023 people with a first primary melanoma (controls) and 1,125 with multiple primary melanomas (cases) in seven centers in four countries, recorded their residential history to assign ambient UV and interviewed them about their sun exposure. RESULTS: Risk of multiple primary melanomas increased significantly (P<0.05) to OR=2.10 for the highest exposure quarter of ambient UV irradiance at birth and 10 years of age, to OR=1.38 for l..

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