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Can contingent valuation be used to measure the in situ value of groundwater on the north china plain?

Yongping Wei, Brian Davidson, Deli Chen, Robert White, Baoguo Li, Jiaboa Zhang



The over-exploited groundwater resources on the North China Plain have caused ecological problems, including lowering of the groundwater table, enlarging the depression zone and land subsidence. The contingent valuation method, a technique that reveals peoples' preferences, is applied to measure the in situ value of groundwater in order to provide policy makers information on protection and restoration of groundwater in the region. It was found that only 28% of households were willing to pay some amount of money to preserve ground water. The estimated mean willingness to pay for each household was found to be only 1.26 Yuan/ m3 annually. The in situ non-use value of groundwater subject to ov..

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