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Relaxin plays an important role in the regulation of airway structure and function

Chrishan S Samuel, Simon G Royce, Matthew D Burton, Chongxin Zhao, Geoffrey W Tregear, Mimi LK Tang



Relaxin is a reproductive hormone with pleiotropic actions. In addition to airway fibrosis, relaxin deficiency results in airway structural changes (epithelial thickening) and increased lung recoil, suggesting that relaxin may impact other aspects of airway/lung structure and function beyond its ability to regulate collagen turnover. Furthermore, these structural changes associated with relaxin deficiency show marked similarity to the structural changes seen in asthma. The current study investigated the broader role of relaxin in regulating airway structure and function and examined the relationship between airway inflammation, structural changes, and airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) using a..

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