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The effect of polypyrrole with incorporated neurotrophin-3 on the promotion of neurite outgrowth from auditory neurons

Rachael T Richardson, Brianna Thompson, Simon Moulton, Carrie Newbold, May Ghee Lum, Adrian Cameron, Gordon Wallace, Robert Kapsa, Graeme Clark, Stephen O'Leary



This research aims to improve the nerve-electrode interface of the cochlear implant using polymer technology to encourage neuron survival, elongation and adhesion to the electrodes. Polypyrrole (Ppy) doped with p-toluene sulphonate (pTS) is an electroactive polymer into which neurotrophin-3 (NT3) can be incorporated. Ppy/pTS+/-NT3 was synthesised over gold electrodes and used as a surface for auditory neuron explant culture. Neurite outgrowth from explants grown on Ppy/pTS was equivalent to tissue culture plastic but improved with the incorporation of NT3 (Ppy/pTS/NT3). Electrical stimulation of Ppy/pTS/NT3 with a biphasic current pulse, as used in cochlear implants, significantly improved n..

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