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The rs743572 common variant in the promoter of CYP17A1 is not associated with prostate cancer risk or circulating hormonal levels

Gianluca Severi, Vanessa M Hayes, Andrea A Tesoriero, Melissa C Southey, Hoa N Hoang, Emma JD Padilla, Howard A Morris, Dallas R English, Robert L Sutherland, Peter Boyle, John L Hopper, Graham G Giles



OBJECTIVE: To use a large population-based case-control study to test the association between the common genetic variant rs743572 (-34 T to C), prostate cancer risk and circulating levels of several hormones. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: A previous meta-analysis concluded that reported associations between rs743572 in the promoter of CYP17A1 and prostate cancer risk might reflect publication bias, but a few recent studies reported associations with prostate cancer risk and data suggesting that rs743572 is functional. We genotyped 824 prostate cancer cases and 737 population-based controls, and applied unconditional logistic regression to estimate the association between rs743572 and prostate cancer..

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