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Mechanisms underlying nutrient-induced segmentation in isolated guinea pig small intestine

RM Gwynne, JC Bornstein

American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology | American Physiological Society | Published : 2007


Mechanisms underlying nutrient-induced segmentation within the gut are not well understood. We have shown that decanoic acid and some amino acids induce neurally dependent segmentation in guinea pig small intestine in vitro. This study examined the neural mechanisms underlying segmentation in the circular muscle and whether the timing of segmentation contractions also depends on slow waves. Decanoic acid (1 mM) was infused into the lumen of guinea pig duodenum and jejunum. Video imaging was used to monitor intestinal diameter as a function of both longitudinal position and time. Circular muscle electrical activity was recorded by using suction electrodes. Recordings from sites of segmenting ..

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