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Effect of antioxidants on knee cartilage and bone in healthy, middle-aged subjects: a cross-sectional study

Yuanyuan Wang, Allison M Hodge, Anita Wluka, Dallas R English, Graham G Giles, Richard O'Sullivan, Andrew Forbes, Flavia M Cicuttini



The aim of the present study is to examine the effect of dietary antioxidants on knee structure in a cohort of healthy, middle-aged subjects with no clinical knee osteoarthritis. Two hundred and ninety-three healthy adults (mean age = 58.0 years, standard deviation = 5.5) without knee pain or knee injury were selected from an existing community-based cohort. The intake of antioxidant vitamins and food sources by these individuals was estimated from a food frequency questionnaire at baseline. The cartilage volume, bone area, cartilage defects and bone marrow lesions were assessed approximately 10 years later using magnetic resonance imaging. In multivariate analyses, higher vitamin C intake w..

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