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Similar effects of treatment on central and brachial blood pressures in older hypertensive subjects in the Second Australian National Blood Pressure Trial

Anthony M Dart, James D Cameron, Christoph D Gatzka, Kristyn Willson, Yu-Lu Liang, Karen L Berry, Lindon MH Wing, Christopher M Reid, Philip Ryan, Lawrence J Beilin, Garry LR Jennings, Colin I Johnston, John J McNeil, Graham J Macdonald, Trefor O Morgan, Malcolm J West, Bronwyn A Kingwell



The Second Australian National Blood Pressure Trial reported better prognosis for hypertensive subjects randomly assigned to an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I) compared with a diuretic-based regimen despite no difference in brachial blood pressure control. A possible explanation is that there was a difference in central aortic pressures despite similar brachial pressure reductions. We examined this hypothesis in a subset of the Second Australian National Blood Pressure Trial cohort evaluated both before and after 4 years of treatment. The average age of the 479 subjects was 71.6+/-4.7 years (mean+/-SD), and 56% were women. Brachial systolic and pulse pressures after treatment..

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