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Serrated pathway colorectal cancer in the population: Genetic consideration

Joanne Young, Mark Jenkins, Susan Parry, Bruce Young, Derek Nancarrow, Dallas English, Graham Giles, Jeremy Jass

GUT | BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2007


The proposition that a subset of serrated polyps may give rise to CRC is approaching worldwide acceptance. In Western populations, a significant proportion of CRC has its origins in serrated precursor lesions. However, it is also likely that the development of advanced serrated polyps has its basis in a relatively common genetic predisposition. Description of families and individuals with multiple serrated polyps not withstanding, the increased prevalence of HPS in Europeans, and the significantly increased risk of family history in population-based cases of BRAF mutation-bearing CRC both support the existence of a genetic predisposition to develop advanced serrated lesions. Cases with HPS m..

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