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Study of charmonia in four-meson final states produced in two-photon collisions

S Uehara, I Adachi, H Aihara, V Aulchenko, T Aushev, AM Bakich, V Balagura, E Barberio, A Bay, K Belous, U Bitenc, A Bondar, A Bozek, M Bracko, J Brodzicka, TE Browder, P Chang, Y Chao, A Chen, K-F Chen Show all



We report measurements of charmonia produced in two-photon collisions and decaying to four-meson final states, where the meson is either a charged pion or a charged kaon. The analysis is based on a 395 fb-1 data sample accumulated with the Belle detector at the KEKB electron-positron collider. We observe signals for the three C-even charmonia ηc(1S), χc0(1P) and χc2(1P) in the π+π -π+π-, K+K -π+π- and K+K -K+K- decay modes. No clear signals for ηc(2S) production are found in these decay modes. We have also studied resonant structures in charmonium decays to two-body intermediate meson resonances. We report the products of the two-photon decay width and the branching fractions, ΓγB, for each ..

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