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Secure k-connectivity properties of wireless sensor networks

WL Yee, LH Yen, R Di Pietro, M Palaniswami

2007 IEEE Internatonal Conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems, MASS | Published : 2007


A k-connected wireless sensor network (WSN) allows messages to be routed via one (or more) of at least k node-disjoint paths, so that even if some nodes along one of the paths fail, or are compromised, the other paths can still be used. This is a much desired feature in fault tolerance and security. k-connectivity in this context is largely a well-studied subject. When we apply the random key predistribution scheme to secure a WSN however, and only consider the paths consisting entirely of secure (encrypted and/or authenticated) links, we are concerned with the secure k-connectivity of the WSN. This notion of secure k-connectivity is relatively new and no results are yet available. The rando..

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