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A floxed allele of the androgen receptor gene causes hyperandrogenization in male mice

Helen E MacLean, WS Maria Chiu, Cathy Ma, Julie F McManus, Rachel A Davey, Rhoda Cameron, Amanda J Notini, Jeffrey D Zajac

Physiological Genomics | American Physiological Society | Published : 2008


We previously generated a conditional floxed mouse line to study androgen action, in which exon 3 of the androgen receptor ( AR) gene is flanked by loxP sites, with the neomycin resistance gene present in intron 3. Deletion of exon 3 in global AR knockout mice causes androgen insensitivity syndrome, characterized by genotypic males lacking normal masculinization. We now report that male mice carrying the floxed allele (ARlox) have the reverse phenotype, termed hyperandrogenization. ARlox mice have increased mass of androgen-dependent tissues, including kidney, ( P < 0.001), seminal vesicle ( P < 0.001), levator ani muscle ( P = 0.001), and heart ( P < 0.05). Serum testosterone is not signifi..

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