Journal article

Pseudoneglect and neglect for mental alphabet lines

Michael ER Nicholls, Andrea M Loftus

BRAIN RESEARCH | ELSEVIER | Published : 2007


While patients with right parietal damage neglect the left side of stimuli, the intact-brain population shows a slight neglect of the right side--known as pseudoneglect. Although pseudoneglect occurs for physical stimuli, it is not certain whether the bias extends to mental representations. To investigate this issue, we examined spatial distortions in the representation of length for mental alphabet lines, which are thought to have a left-to-right arrangement. In Expt. 1, participants (n=10) were presented with letter strings (e.g. C_H_P) and estimated whether the letter length was greater on the left or right side of the inner-letter. The strings were presented simultaneously along a line o..

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