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Magnitude of the second gas effect on artetial sevoflurane partial pressure

Philip J Peyton, Maryam Horriat, Gavin JB Robinson, Robert Pierce, Bruce R Thompson



BACKGROUND: A number of studies have demonstrated a faster rate of increase in end-expired partial pressure as a fraction of inspired (Pa/Pi) for volatile agents in the presence of high concentrations of nitrous oxide, consistent with the second gas effect. However, no study has demonstrated a similar effect on arterial blood concentrations. METHODS: The authors compared arterial and end-tidal partial pressures of sevoflurane (Pa/Pisevo and Pa/Pisevo) in 14 patients for 30 min after introduction of either 70% nitrous oxide or nitrous oxide-free gas mixtures to determine the magnitude of the second gas effect. Blood partial pressures were measured using a double headspace equilibration techni..

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