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Aspirin and Tranexamic Acid for Coronary Artery Surgery (ATACAS) Trial: Rationale and design

Paul S Myles, Julian Smith, John Knight, James Cooper, Brendan Silbert, John McNeil, Donald S Esmore, Brian Buxton, Henry Krum, Andrew Forbes, Andrew Tonkin



BACKGROUND: Despite some concern that recent aspirin ingestion increases blood loss after coronary artery surgery, there is some evidence that this may reduce thrombotic complications. In contrast, antifibrinolytic drugs can reduce blood loss in this setting, but there is concern that they may increase thrombotic complications. Published guidelines are limited by a lack of large randomized trials addressing the risks and benefits of each of these commonly used therapies in cardiac surgery. The ATACAS Trial is a study comparing aspirin, tranexamic acid, or both, with placebo in patients undergoing on-pump or off-pump coronary artery surgery. METHODS: We discuss the rationale for conducting AT..

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