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Confined blood chimerism in monochorionic dizygous (MCDZ) twins

Susan P Walker, Simon Meagher, Susan M White



OBJECTIVE: To present the risk factors, prenatal and postnatal implications of monochorionic dyzygotic twinning. METHODS: We present a case of monochorionic twins diagnosed on first-trimester ultrasound following a 2-embryo transfer in vitro fertilisation pregnancy. Postnatal buccal smears performed as part of a twin research study revealed the twins to be dizygous, and DNA testing on peripheral blood lymphocytes confirmed the presence of blood chimerism. RESULTS: Despite the monochorionic placentation, buccal swabs revealed discordant results for all four microsatellite loci tested, consistent with dizygosity. Zygosity testing on peripheral blood lymphocytes revealed that, of the nine DNA m..

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