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Bias spectroscopy and simultaneous single-electron transistor charge state detection of Si : P double dots

M Mitic, KD Petersson, MC Cassidy, RP Starrett, E Gauja, AJ Ferguson, C Yang, DN Jamieson, RG Clark, AS Dzurak



We report a detailed study of low-temperature (mK) transport properties of a silicon double-dot system fabricated by phosphorous ion implantation. The device under study consists of two phosphorous nanoscale islands doped to above the metal-insulator transition, separated from each other and the source and drain reservoirs by nominally undoped (intrinsic) silicon tunnel barriers. Metallic control gates, together with an Al-AlO(x) single-electron transistor (SET), were positioned on the substrate surface, capacitively coupled to the buried dots. The individual double-dot charge states were probed using source-drain bias spectroscopy combined with non-invasive SET charge sensing. The system wa..

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