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Torsion causing interruption of the ampullary portion of the fallopian tube.

Sonia Grover

Fertil Steril | Published : 2007


OBJECTIVE: To present a description of a young girl who presented acutely with symptoms and findings that are consistent with acute adnexal torsion, where resultant outcome would have led to perception of a congenital anomaly. DESIGN: Case report. SETTING: Tertiary pediatric hospital. PATIENT(S): A young girl who presented acutely with symptoms consistent with adnexal torsion but who was found to have a torsion affecting a paratubal cyst and the midsegment of her fallopian tube. INTERVENTION(S): A salpingectomy was performed because of damage involving the ischemic paratubal cyst and tubal segment that left too little residual tube to allow for a future anastomosis of the residual unaffected..

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