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Microscopic model analyses of proton scattering from C-12, Ne-20, Mg-24, Si-28 and Ca-40

YJ Kim, K Amos, S Karataglidis, WA Richter



Differential cross sections and analyzing powers for elastic proton scattering from, and for inelastic proton scattering to a set of 21+ states in, 12C, 20Ne, 24Mg, 28Si and 40Ca, and for a set of energies between 35 to 250 MeV, have been analyzed. A g-folding model has been used to determine optical potentials and a microscopic distorted wave approximation taken to analyze the inelastic data. The effective nucleon-nucleon interactions used to specify the optical potentials have also been used as the transition operators in the inelastic scattering processes. Shell and large space Hartree-Fock models of structure have been used to describe the nuclear states. The calculations are in general ..

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