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SDSS J102111.02 491330.4: A newly discovered gravitationally lensed quasar

B Pindor, DJ Eisenstein, MD Gregg, RH Becker, N Inada, M Oguri, PB Hall, DE Johnston, GT Richards, DP Schneider, EL Turner, G Brasi, PM Hinz, MA Kenworthy, D Miller, JC Barentine, HJ Brewington, J Brinkmann, M Harvanek, SJ Kleinman Show all



We report follow-up observations of two gravitational lens candidates identified in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) data set. We have confirmed that SDSS J102111.02+491330.4 is a previously unknown gravitationally lensed quasar. This lens system exhibits two images of a z = 1.72 quasar, with an image separation of 1.″14 ± 0.″ 04. Optical and near-IR imaging of the system reveals the presence of the lensing galaxy between the two quasar images. Observations of SDSS J112012.12+671116.0 indicate that it is more likely a binary quasar than a gravitational lens. This system has two quasars at a redshift of z = 1.49, with an angular separation of 1.″49 ± 0.″02. However, the two quasars have ma..

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