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Discovery of two gravitationally lensed quasars with image separations of 300 from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey

M Oguri, N Inada, JF Hennawi, GT Richards, DE Johnston, JA Frieman, B Pindor, MA Strauss, RJ Brunner, RH Becker, FJ Castander, MD Gregg, PB Hall, HW Rix, DP Schneider, NA Bahcall, J Brinkmann, DG York



We report the discovery of two doubly imaged quasars, SDSS J100128.61+502756.9 and SDSS J120629.65+ 433217.6, at redshifts of 1.838 and 1.789, and with image separations of 2″.86 and 2″.90, respectively. The objects were selected as lens candidates from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Based on the identical nature of the spectra of the two quasars in each pair and the identification of the lens galaxies, we conclude that the objects are gravitational lenses. The lenses are complicated; in both systems there are several galaxies in the fields very close to the quasars, in addition to the lens galaxies themselves. The lens modeling implies that these nearby galaxies contribute significant..

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