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Spitzer IRS spectra of a large sample of Seyfert galaxies: A variety of infrared spectral energy distributions in the local active galactic nucleus population

Catherine L Buchanan, Jack F Gallimore, Christopher P O'Dea, Stefi A Baum, David J Axon, Andrew Robinson, Moshe Elitzur, Martin Elvis



We are conducting a large observing program with the Spitzer Space Telescope to determine the mid- to far-IR spectral energy distributions of a well-defined sample of 87 nearby, 12 μm-selected Seyfert galaxies. In this paper we present the results of Spitzer IRS low-resolution spectroscopy of a statistically representative subsample of 51 of the galaxies (59%), with an analysis of the continuum shapes and a comparison of the Seyfert types. We find that the spectra clearly divide into groups based on their continuum shapes and spectral features. The largest group (47% of the sample of 51) shows a very red continuum suggestive of cool dust and strong emission features attributed to polycyclic ..

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