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Functionalised amyloid fibrils for roles in cell adhesion

Sally L Gras, Anna K Tickler, Adam M Squires, Glyn L Devlin, Michael A Horton, Christopher M Dobson, Cait E MacPhee



We describe experiments designed to explore the possibility of using amyloid fibrils as new nanoscale biomaterials for promoting and exploiting cell adhesion, migration and differentiation in vitro. We created peptides that add the biological cell adhesion sequence (RGD) or a control sequence (RAD) to the C-terminus of an 11-residue peptide corresponding to residues 105-115 of the amyloidogenic protein transthyretin. These peptides readily self-assemble in aqueous solution to form amyloid fibrils, and X-ray fibre diffraction shows that they possess the same strand and sheet spacing in the characteristic cross-beta structure as do fibrils formed by the parent peptide. We report that the fibri..

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