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Infrared luminosity functions from the Chandra Deep Field-South: The Spitzer view on the history of dusty star formation at 0 <= z <= 1

E Le Floc'h, C Papovich, H Dole, EF Bell, G Lagache, GH Rieke, E Egami, PG Perez-Gonzalez, A Alonso-Herrero, MJ Rieke, M Blaylock, CW Engelbracht, KD Gordon, DC Hines, KA Misselt, JE Morrison, J Mould

Astrophysical Journal | IOP PUBLISHING LTD | Published : 2005


We analyze a sample of ∼2600 Spitzer MIPS 24 μm sources brighter than ∼80μJy and located in the Chandra Deep Field-South to characterize the evolution of the comoving infrared (IR) energy density of the universe up to z ∼ 1. Using published ancillary optical data, we first obtain a nearly complete redshift determination for the 24 μm objects associated with R ≲ 24 mag counterparts at z ≲ 1. These sources represent ∼55%-60% of the total MIPS 24 μm population with f24 μm ≳ 80 μJy, the rest of the sample likely lying at higher redshifts. We then determine an estimate of their total IR luminosities using various libraries of IR spectral energy distributions. We find that the 24μm population at 0..

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