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Photometric redshifts of galaxies in COSMOS

B Mobasher, P Capak, NZ Scoville, T Dahlen, M Salvato, H Aussel, DJ Thompson, R Feldmann, L Tasca, O Lefevre, S Lilly, CM Carollo, JS Kartaltepe, H McCracken, J Mould, A Renzini, DB Sanders, PL Shopbell, Y Taniguchi, M Ajiki Show all

Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series | IOP PUBLISHING LTD | Published : 2007


We present photometric redshifts for the COSMOS survey derived from a new code, optimized to yield accurate and reliable redshifts and spectral types of galaxies down to faint magnitudes and redshifts out to z ∼ 1.2. The technique uses X 2 template fitting, combined with luminosity function priors and with the option to estimate the internal extinction [or E(B -V)]. The median most probable redshift, best-fit spectral type and reddening, absolute magnitude, and stellar mass are derived in addition to the full redshift probability distributions. Using simulations with sampling and noise similar to those in COSMOS, the accuracy and reliability is estimated for the photometric redshifts as a fu..

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