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Spitzer sage survey of the large magellanic cloud. II. Evolved stars and infrared color-magnitude diagrams

RD Blum, JR Mould, KA Olsen, JA Frogel, M Werner, M Meixner, F Markwick-Kemper, R Indebetouw, B Whitney, M Meade, B Babler, EB Churchwell, K Gordon, C Engelbracht, B-Q For, K Misselt, U Vijh, C Leitherer, K Volk, S Points Show all



Color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) are presented for the Spitzer SAGE (Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution) survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). IRAC and MIPS 24 μm epoch 1 data are presented. These data represent the deepest, widest mid-infrared CMDs of their kind ever produced in the LMC. Combined with the Two Micron All Sky Survey, the diagrams are used to delineate the evolved stellar populations in the LMC, as well as Galactic foreground and extragalactic background populations. Some 32,000 evolved stars brighter than the tip of the red giant branch are identified. Of these, approximately 17,500 are classified as oxygen-rich, 7000 as carbon-rich, and another 1200 as "extrem..

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