Journal article

Development of mental health first aid guidelines for suicidal ideation and behaviour: A Delphi study

Claire M Kelly, Anthony F Jorm, Betty A Kitchener, Robyn L Langlands

BMC PSYCHIATRY | BMC | Published : 2008


BACKGROUND: Suicide is a statistically rare event, but devastating to those left behind and one of the worst possible outcomes associated with mental illness. Although a friend, family member or co-worker may be the first person to notice that a person is highly distressed, few have the knowledge and skills required to assist. Simple guidelines may help such a person to encourage a suicidal individual to seek professional help or decide against suicide. METHODS: This research was conducted using the Delphi methodology, a method of reaching consensus in a panel of experts. Experts recruited to the panels included 22 professionals, 10 people who had been suicidal in the past and 6 carers of pe..

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