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Screening monoclonal antibodies for cross-reactivity in the ferret model of influenza infection

John A Rutigliano, Peter C Doherty, John Franks, Melissa Y Morris, Cory Reynolds, Paul G Thomas

Journal of Immunological Methods | ELSEVIER | Published : 2008


Influenza virus infections carry a high public health cost, and pandemics are potentially catastrophic. Though the ferret is generally regarded as the best model for human influenza, few reagents are available for the analysis of cellular immunity. We thus screened monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) made for identifying immune cells in other species to see if any were cross-reactive. Flow cytometric analysis of lymphocytes isolated from blood, spleen, and lung of normal and virus-infected ferrets indicated that several mouse mAbs bound to the corresponding antigens in ferrets. Typing bronchoalveolar lavage populations from pneumonic ferrets with mAb to human CD8 showed the massive CD8+ T cell enri..

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